The festive Yurt is located a few steps away from the restaurant and the swimming area. Perfect for a group of adults that wishes to be right in the action. Curfew is at 23:00.

A yurt is a circle-shaped tent that is ideal for people who enjoy the wilderness but who also wish to have a comfortable stay.

Our yurt is located in close proximity to the Bonaventure River, the restaurant and the pool zone and its maximum capacity is 6 people.

Turnkey camping in a yurt includes:

  • Yurt and private terrace;
  • Bed base and mattress without bed-linen (two double-size bases and two single-size bases);
  • Fireplace (wood not included);
  • Outside picnic table;
  • Outside fire pit (wood not included);
  • Mini-fridge;
  • Power outlet for small devices (limited amperage)
  • Parking area near the yurt.
  • Access to the swimming pool.

Does not include:

  • Ben linen, pillowcases and towels. Bring your own sleeping bags and pillows.


After each check-out, one of our team members cleans each of our lodging units. We ask all of our guests to remove trash items and take consigned empties with them at check out to avoid attracting rodents to our accommodations.

Sanitary facilities

The main sanitary facilities, located at walking distance of the yurt, are modern and provide multiple toilets and showers. You’ll need a $1 coin to use the showers.

Swimming area

Our swimming area offers a pool, patio chairs and space, all facing the Bonaventure river.

Laundry room

Located by the nautical center, the laundry room is available to campers and works with $1 coins and quarters.

Firewood and ice

Both are available for sale at the Reception. You are welcome to bring your own if desired.