“A unique experience”

Our Family sized cabins are on stilts and tucked between the trees offer an unforgettable stay. The comfort of “glamping” in the calm of the beautiful gaspesian forest.


Sagittaire, Capricorne, Licorne, Pégase and Oiseaux du paradis offer one big commune room. Vénus, Orion, Atlantis and Cassiopée offer two smaller rooms.

Check the interactive map to choose an available unit according to your needs.

Family cabins include:

  • Two queen sized beds;
  • A double hide-a-bed;
  • A private patio;
  • A private restroom;
  • Air-conditioning and heating;
  • Table, chairs and a loveseat;
  • Mini-fridge and microwave;
  • A parking space close to the cabin;
  • A firepit with wood at will for 9.95$ per night;
  • Air conditioning and an electrical heater.

*Running water comes from an arterial well tested successfully twice a month in accordance with Quebec drinking water standards. This well is awaiting accreditation by the Ministry of the Environment. Until then, “non-drinkable” signs must be affixed to each of the water outlets on the site, but no anomalies have ever been detected during regular tests. Certified drinking water is available in the Wagamet room, near the reception and in the courtyard near the main toilet block.

Does not include:

  • bedding (blankets, sheets, pillowcases, towels and face cloths);
  • Cooking accessories/utensils.

Dogs and pets allowed

Dogs are allowed in the units with two rooms; Orion, Vénus, Cassiopée and Atlantis only. There is a one-time $25 cleaning fee for the accommodation clean-up for pets in our lodgings. Damages caused by pets are entirely the pet’s owner’s responsibility. You must pick up and dispose of their needs during your stay, and complete the online pet contract when making your reservation.

Interactive map

Click on Book Now on the map to make a reservation through our new interactive map. You can choose the unit of your choice according to the dates of your stay!


Other services

Laundry room

A laundry room is available for free for campers.

Wood and ice

Wood at will for 9.95$ per day. Papers and matches are available at the reception. You can also find ice to buy as well as items to make your camping trip more enjoyable.


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