You wish to discover independently the joys of canoe-camping on the Bonaventure River? The Intrepid Tour is the right option for you. You’ll be your own guide on a part of the river that is well suited for experimented paddlers.

Do not consider this trip if you don’t have canoeing and camping experience.

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Detailed program

  • Departures are on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 8:30AM.
  • Please arrive the day prior or at the latest at 7:45AM with your gear ready.
  • Instructions will be announced regarding safety, environment, basic techniques, equipment, itinerary, rapids, etc.;
  • Shuttle service to the descent launch point, approximately 1,5 hours.
  • Launch, unaccompanied descent and overnight camping by the river (you’ll have to organize your meals)
  • Day 1: Wilderness camping on the river at 47th Km
  • Day 2: River descent and wilderness camping 30th Km
  • Day 3: Return shuttle from 29 km to Cime Aventures. Departure time at 11h30 (depending on the site chosen for the second night of camping, you will have 1,5 hours of paddling to no paddling at all)
  • Arrival at Cime Aventures at approximately 12h30 on day 3

Preparing for your trip:

  • Planning appropriate camping and cooking gear
  • Planning camping food
  • All your gear will need to fit in canoe-camping 60L barrels (1 per person is provided). A canoe can take up to 3 barrels.
  • Small drybags are a great item to bring. We also sell 30L bags here.
  • Know what class 1 and 2 rapids are
  • Know that you will be in complete wilderness in complete autonomy
  • Water level : Lower than 12 m3/second will mean that there will be lot’s of rocks to be avoided and some walking involved, always depending on your skills. Check the water level in realtime : Bonaventure river water level


  • Services
    • Instructions given by patrol at departure
    • Shuttle service from Cime Aventures
    • Shuttle service back to Cime Aventures
  • Equipment
    • Lifejacket
    • One barrel per person

      Barrels can only be put in a canoe (max of 4 people) or a mini-raft (max 2 people), not in a kayak.

  • Accommodation
    • 2 nights of camping by the river
    • Access to a campsite by the river during your trip