Looking for a family activity in Gaspesie? You don’t have much time but you’d like to spend it on the beautiful Bonaventure River, on a canoe, a stand-up paddleboard a kayak or a mini-raft? This short section of the river offers you the best conditions for a great time during your holidays in the Gaspésie peninsula!

2019 activity booking will start in December. Book your lodging now and we will contact you to add your desired activities once they are available.

Detailed program

2019 departures times will be confirmed in December 2018.

  • Arrival at Cime Aventures 30 minutes before departure;
  • Instructions will be announced regarding safety, environment, basic techniques, equipment, itinerary, etc.;
  • River trip of about 2 hours;
  • Shuttle Bus back to Cime Aventures from the Bonaventure Marina 2,5 hours after departures.


  • Services
    • Shuttle service from the Marina back to Cime Aventures
    • Instructions given by patrol at departure
  • Equipment
    • Lifejacket
    • Paddle or oar
  • Your choice of raft

Guide for choosing your craft

Type  Capacity(passangers / weight) Advantages Disadvantages Prerequisites

2 pass. / 200 kg

  • Comfortable
  • Very spacious
  • Can accomadate a child in the middle. (no seat)
  • Less stable than kayaks and rafts
One experienced person in the back
Double kayak 2 pass. / 150 kg
  • Stable
  • Easy to operate
  • Ideal for an adult or a child
  • Limited load capacity
  • Limited storage space.
  • Low-to-water craft where waves can easily enter
Be at ease in water
Single  kayak 1 pass. / 95 kg
  • Stable
  • Easy to operate
  • Ideal for a begginner
  • Not recommended for corpulent passangers
Be at ease in water
Raft 4 à 6 pass. / 300 kg
  • Unsinkable and  secure
  • Ideal for beginners, young children and apprehensive passangers
  • Minimum flow rate: 25 m3/second
  • Slower than other crafts
Stand up paddle (SUP) 1 pass. / 95 kg
  • Different point of view of the river (higher)
  • More challenging
  • SUP experienced
  • Experience in class 2 rapids

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