Shuttle service is offered for canoeists and kayakers who wish to oversee logistics and itinerary of their river trip on the Bonaventure on their own.

Minimum of 8 participants

Our individual fee is based on a number of 8 participants or more, per departure. If you are less than 8, you can proceed with your reservation and we’ll try to pair you with other participants. In the case of a departure with less participants, this fee (for 8 people) will have to be divided between the participants, otherwise, departure will have to be postponed or cancelled (at no cost), or you can change the destination.

Destination Level of difficulty Minimal water level Kilometers
Bonaventure Lake Advanced 25 m3/sec. and more. Expert when more than 80 m3/sec. 127 km
The Canyon Advance 25 m3/sec. and more. Expert when more than 80 m3/sec. 117 km
Les Méandres Intermediate 10 m3/sec. and more 89 km
Big Ouest Intermediate 5 m3/sec. and more 65 km
Deuxième Est Intermediate 5 m3/sec. and more 55 km
Première Est Intermediate 5 m3/sec. and more 45 km


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